An HRN® is a home based business that pre-screens and refers local home improvement contractors.

After Debra Cohen and her husband purchased their first home and saw “first hand” how difficult it was to find reliable contractors, Debra came up with the idea for a home improvement contractor referral service that would pre-screen painters, plumbers, carpenters, electricians, etc. and refer them to local homeowners. Contractors agreed to pay her a commission on jobs secured and she provided her referral service free to homeowners. It was a win-win and, in less than six months, her business turned a profit! Best of all, she was able to work from home.

Debra documented every detail about how to launch and operate a contractor referral or Aging in Place business in a comprehensive manual, The Complete Guide To Owning and Operating A Successful Homeowner Referral Network©. The HRN® Manual is sold with customized software, a website, forms and more so that you can get your HRN® business up and running in a matter of weeks!

Operating an HRN® will give you the freedom to:


Never worry about recessions.

In an up economy, homeowners are expanding and remodeling. And, in a down economy, they’re maintaining and renovating instead of moving homes. There is literally no economy in which the services of a good contractor are not needed.


Launch a profitable home based business without high franchise fees.

The HRN® business isn’t a franchise but you get the same support without paying high franchise fees or ongoing royalty payments. You reap the benefits of an already-proven business model, but if you want to change it to fit the culture of your community, you have the freedom to do so.


Be your own boss.

You can launch your own business, have a flexible work schedule and make a full time income from home!

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“Debra’s detailed materials & mentoring have helped me build a thriving referral business to provide additional financial security for my family while keeping me home with my children.”

Thank you very much, in 30 minutes I got years of experience without the blood, sweat and tears. You are awesome!

Thank you so much for everything that you are doing for HRN owners.  You truly make it easy to start up your own business.  I just love my work and I have to thank you for it!!

I know there are a lot of ‘work at home’ scams out there but I can tell you first hand and emphatically, this is not one of them. You’re smart to be cautious, but rest assured, Debra is a quality professional who is ethical… She invests herself in her customers and it shows, everywhere.

Thank you so much…. I do have 2 homeowners building NEW homes with my contractors…(slab up)! Thank you for all you have done for me! Because of you and HRN I will be able to be a better mother, wife and friend!

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